FAQ for Doctors

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add remove How is AppiDoc my personal app?
AppiDoc is your own personal app for online presence. We just empower you to reach your patients more efficiently. You can set and reset your consultation fees and settings as per your convenience. Your patients search for you only by your name to connect with you. There are no doctor suggestions from the app, no ratings or reviews. There are no hidden charges. We bring ethics into the system of showcasing doctors online.
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AppiDoc is a completely free app for the doctors. We do not charge you. Patients pay whatever consultation fee you set by yourself along with a minimal convenience fee. Your consultation fee is credited to your account after deducting the applicable bank transaction charges if any.
add remove What is the significance of setting slot length?
Slot-length allows you to select the number of patients you can attend in your online consultation period. The lengthier your slot-length, lesser number of patients you will be able to attend.
add remove What should I do if I want to attend more patients in a day?
Keep the slot time at an ideal 5 to 10 mins and you will be able to attend to more patients as more slots will be open for the patients to book appointments with you.
add remove Is the app secure?
AppiDoc uses end to end encryption technology. All the data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone.
add remove Is my data secure?
The data stored in AppiDoc is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone. We do not use or share your data with any third party. Please read the privacy policy for any clarifications.
add remove What is the consultation fee I should keep?
Ideally, it is best to keep the consultation fee the same as in your clinic as you may need to call your patients to the clinic for a checkup with this prepayment if found necessary. To make your patients familiar with online consultation, you may set the rates low at first as you can always change it later.
add remove How do my patients find me?
Your patients can download and register in our free app. After registering in the app, they can search for you by name and can even pin you as a favourite so that you always appear on top.