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About Appidoc

AppiDoc is a mobile app that allows patients and doctors to connect without being in the same place. The patients can have an audio or video consultation with the doctor through this app by prepayment and walk in later to the doctor’s clinic if found necessary, saving time, effort and more for everyone. All you need is a smartphone and data connectivity to schedule, consult and make payments.


“We are a group of doctors on a mission to promote health and provide easily accessible high quality health care to the community, while enabling the doctors to efficiently connect with the general public and serve them better.”

AppiDoc for Doctors

  • Doctor’s personal app for online presence.
  • Monetize on online consultations.
  • Improve your practise & retain your patients.
  • Offer healthcare to your patients wherever they are.
  • Manage more patients efficiently.

Simple, Secured and Reliable app to stay connected with your patients

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AppiDoc for Patients

  • Stay connected with your doctor
  • Book appointments according to your convenience
  • Store, search and share all your medical reports
  • Easy payment process, easy to use

Simple, Secure and Reliable app to stay connected with your doctor

Audio Calls
Video Calls

Escape Traffic

Don't get stuck in traffic for doctor consultation. Use AppiDoc to consult with your doctor online before he decide if you need a physical consult.


Escape waiting lounges

Tired of waiting in lounges at doctor's reception? Save the time and consult your doctor online in AppiDoc


Protect medical reports

Now safeguard all your medical reports at one place using AppiDoc. Never lose a document again.

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